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S. No. Description Number
1. No. of computer labs 3
2. Total No. of students in the KV 1737
3. No. of computers for students 96
4. Students computer ratio 15:1
5. No. of computers in the staff common room NIL
6. No. of computers for office staff 3
7. Speed of the Fibre connection in the KV (In Kbps) 15mbps
8. No of LCD Projector 20
9. No of TV 1
10. No of Magic Studio 3
11. No of Visualizer 17


Sl.No Name of the KV Total no. of Students Total no. of computer for Students Student Computer Ratio (No. of students divided by no of computers) Remarks
01 No.–3, BBSR 1737 96 15:1(EXCLUDING CLASS I & II STUDENTS)