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Game and Sports

a)       Status on the availability and maintenance of the Play grounds

1. Football

2. Kho-Kho

3. Kabbadi

4. Basketball

5. Volleyball

a)    Games for which facilities are available in the Vidyalaya.

  1. Football

2.   Cricket

3.   Volleyball

4.   Basketball

5.   Kho- Kho

6.   Kabaddi

7.   Table Tennis

8.   Badminton

9.   Chess

b)   Organization of games and sports activities including coaching and training

Football, Cricket, Volleyball , Basketball, Kho- Kho, Kabaddi , Table Tennis, Badminton

Games and Sports:-

SBSB project- 2017-18 completed. SBSB project is going on every day section wise.

Mini cluster:- 60 students participated

Result: Kabaddi Girls :- Champion

Kabaddi Boys:- Runner up

Overall athletics champion

49th Regional Sports Meet- 27 students participated

Result: Football boys team champion & bagged gold medal

In chess - bagged gold medal

In Yoga – group event 3rd position

2 students were selected for 49th KVS National Sports Meet in football (U-19) boys

1 student Ms. Bijayalaxmi Barik of Class-VI participated in 49th KVS national Sports Meet held at KIIT & bagged gold medal and Rs. 10,000 cash award in individual event & in team bagged gold medal and Rs. 5,000 cash & selected for SGFI-2018-19.